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Writing Projects


Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Catholic Religious Australia, National Response Protocol: Responding to Concerns and Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse, 2020.


Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Ratio Nationalis for the Formation of Priests, Introduction, 2020.


Diocese of Broken Bay, Accompanying Notes to Synod Statements, September 2011.


Rationale for Formation to Priestly Life in the Diocese of Broken Bay, Published December 2007.


Ecclesial Women:  A new vocational opportunity in the Diocese of Broken Bay (November 2007)




Academic Conference Papers


“Everywhere and Nowhere:  Experiencing God in a Decentered Context,” Conference Keynote Presentation, Association of Practical Theology in Oceania, “Explorations to Recover an Ecclesial Sense of Place and Purpose,” Sancta Sophia College, Sydney University, Camperdown, NSW 28 November 2014.


The Mystical-Political Dialectic:  Towards a Paradigm of Political Sanctity,” Paper delivered, Australian Catholic Theological Conference, North Sydney, 9 July 2011.


“The Emergence of Lay Leadership of Parishes in the Australian Context:  Context, Canvass and Challenges,” at the Conference, “Parish Leadership by Laity: International Experiences and Perspectives on Canon 517§ 2” Münster, Germany 12-15 October 2010.


“’Conversation:  Our Only Hope’ An Exploration of David Tracy’s Response to Uncertain Times.”  Presented at the Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion and Culture, “Truth and Truthfulness in Uncertain Times,” Catholic Institute of Sydney, 2 October 2006.


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